About Us

StrategyHero was founded to help
startups get their strategy right.

We do this by making the tools, frameworks, and techniques that large companies and management consultants have accessible to smaller companies – without requiring them to create complicated processes or lose momentum.

Launched in 2022
Remote-first since day one
Origin Story

Strategy doesn't have to be hard

StrategyHero is built on years of research into how best to build, grow, and manage startups. We've read hundreds of books on the topic, worked with numerous companies, and consulted with countless experts to build a best-in-class tool for strategic planning, execution and alignment.

Over the course of the past several years, we've discovered a few key insights into how companies – and, in particular, startups – deal with strategic planning. Here are some highlights from our learnings:

  • The hardest part of strategy is applying the tools. Ever since the days of Peter Drucker, experts have been tirelessly writing about strategy. They've developed methods and frameworks for breaking down and building out strategy in new and emerging businesses. Despite all of this knowledge being written down, many of these ideas are difficult to implement.
  • Startups with experienced and disciplined executives perform better. When startups bring in seasoned executive leadership, they approach strategy in a more disciplined and systematic way. Discipline in strategic planning, which includes asking the right questions, is an essential ingredient to successful startup building.
  • Setting goals without a strategy doesn't work. We've seen too many startups adopt goal setting methodologies like OKRs and SMART goals without having a strategy first. This is a mistake that leads to misalignment and wasted effort.
  • Many startups have a vague sense of their strategy. Or no sense at all. Strategy needs to be clear and specific to work. It needs to ask -- and then answer -- the right questions about the customer, the market, or the facet of the business being addressed.
  • Strategic planning in a vacuum doesn't work. It is not possible to build a successful company without a clear sense of reality. Defining a strategic plan based on a world that doesn't exist wastes valuable time, money, and social capital. Successful business leaders challenge their sense of reality by consulting with customers and experts to understand
  • Most strategy issues can be solved with the right process. While getting strategy right is time consuming, it does not have to be difficult. Teams that address strategic planning, execution and alignment with the right mindset and a coherent process find more success when building out their strategy.
OUr Mission

StrategyHero mission is to help startups confidently go from idea to Series A.

Our Vision

To be the de facto platform forward-thinking startups use to define, execute, and manage their strategy.

OUr Values

What we believe

Always be a curious learner
Apply the wisdom of the successes and mistakes of others. Spend your time seeking information and wisdom before starting a new endeavor.
Build for how people work
We solve people problems with technology. Therefore, we must build our products for the way humans work.
Create together while embracing meritocracy
The best ideas and contributions should be recognized, embraced, and rewarded. At the same time, be kind and supportive to those you work with.
Do work transparently
We work transparently because it builds trust, fosters meaningful connection, and helps us do amazing work that is greater than the sum of its parts.
Embrace healthy conflict
Healthy teams do not avoid conflict – they find ways to express disagreement without hurting others. They occasionally disagree and commit. They look to find common ground, even when it's not obvious.
Focus on putting the customer first
Our commitment is first to employees, then to customers. We believe having happy employees translates to happy customers. We make happy customers by prioritizing their need and providing excellent customer service.
Get it right, rather than being right
The best way to serve our customers is to build solutions to problems. This requires an egoless commitment to getting things right, rather than just being right.
Hearts and minds create greatness
Being most logical, like Spock, isn't the right way to build great products, teams, or companies. The best teams match intellectual intelligence with emotional intelligence.
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We're a small remote team of management innovators, software developers, and individuals passionate about transforming the way startups approach strategy.

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A note from our founder

Before starting StrategyHero, I was a founding engineer at a fast growing tech startup. We were growing quickly, but soon we became a victim of our success.
Instead of thinking strategically about growth, we became reactionary. It took us a long time to make decisions. We were spending every minute of the day in meetings. We solved problems by applying more people to them rather than working smarter. It got so bad that our best people announced that they’d be leaving in the next couple of weeks unless things changed.

That’s when an early investor – and seasoned operator with several 9-figure exits – stepped in to offer a better solution: a framework that allowed us to understand the big picture and apply it to decisions we made every day.

It all started with us defining our purpose – our mission, vision, and values. We then started thinking about strategic initiatives that would allow us to fulfill our vision. A few days later, we began turning our strategy into measurable goals that allowed us to execute effectively.

Almost overnight, we began to regain a sense of normalcy and control over the situation. We were thinking about outcomes rather than outputs. We thought like owners rather than participants.

That’s why we built StrategyHero
– to allow growing companies to have access to the same knowledge and tools that seasoned executives have, all through an easy-to-use web app. No MBA needed. I hope you’ll give it a try.


Ryan Leaf